BackSwap Banking Trojan

BackSwap Banking Trojan’s New Browser Manipulation Technique

Target: Polish online banking users

Attack Vector: Browser address manipulation

Summary: The banking industry may find itself under a new wave of malware attacks after the discovery of a new groundbreaking trojan technique. The trojan is currently able to avoid antivirus detection techniques at browser level and has been dubbed it.

Risk assessment summary: The threat is assessed as 3d MODERATE. If successful, this backdoor Trojan technique installs this malware inside infected systems. Due to the new innovative avoidance techniques used, it can be difficult to detect any changes in system behaviors. Therefore, BackSwap malware can lie undetected and enable an attacker to make bank transfers or complete other transactions against a target. The risk is also heightened as BackSwap malware may be expanded further to target other countries and banking organisations.

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