Facebook Data Leak

Data Leaked From Facebook Used to Sway US Election

Target: Facebook.

Attack Vector: Worldwide Facebook users.

Threat Actor: Cambridge Analytica.

Summary: Cambridge Analytica, a data analysis and strategic communication company, has been accused of knowingly using data mined from Facebook via the third party app thisisyourdigitallife. The data was collected due to a flaw in Facebooks API and terms of use, which allowed the app to collect the data of not only its users, but also their friends. This eventually resulted in the collection of information on over 50 million people.

Risk assessment summary: This threat is assessed as 3d MODERATE. There are a very high number of people whose data has been breached and used without their knowledge. Although the firm claim all data collected without consent has been deleted, the level and manner of the breach leaves many sceptical. The risk is also heightened due to the political standing of individuals involved.

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