Logical Weapons

Logical tools are the weapons that we likely envision when discussing cyber warfare. These are the set of tools that is used to conduct reconnaissance, scout out the networks and systems of our opponents, and attack the various targets we might find. When we look at the use of such tools in a cyber warfare context, we might ask how they are different than the tools used in everyday penetration testing of applications, systems, and networks. The answer is that, in many cases, they are not conceptually different to any great degree, but the scope of their use is greatly increased in a cyber warfare scenario. In April of 2013, the U.S. Air Force officially designated six cyber capabilities as weapons systems: Air Force Cyberspace Defence, Cyberspace Defence Analysis, Cyberspace Vulnerability Assessment/ Hunter, Cyber Command and Control Mission System, Air Force Intranet Control, and Cyber Security and Control System. This reflects the changing nature of attitudes regarding cyber warfare as “real” war.