Saturn Ransomware

New Free Saturn Ransomware Allows Anyone to Become a Hacker

Target: Varied

Attack Vector: Ransomware

Summary A new ransomware being actively distributed has been spotted by MalwareHunterTeam. Saturn ransomware is capable of executing commands to disable Windows repair and clear backup catalogue, all files included are encrypted. Each folder is also left with a note asking the victim to pay a ransom of $300 which doubles after seven days.

Risk assessment summary: The threat is currently assessed as 3c MODERATE. If successful, Saturn Ransomware is capable of encrypting all files held on a device until a ransom is paid, Research is ongoing into this strain, leaving a number of details unknown at this stage including a number of functions as well as some key details around the delivery mechanism. The ransomware is available to anyone and can be distributed via Ransomware-as-a-Service on the Dark Web. Targets are likely to be varied as numerous low level actors attempt to capitalize on the offering.

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