Use Difficult Passwords

Many times, hackers target online accounts that are password protected. One of the easiest ways for them to gain access is for you to have easy passwords. In addition, unscrupulous family, friends, or co-workers may try to break into your accounts by trying to guess what your passwords are.

Many people use common things for their passwords, such as their favourite foods, the name of one of their children, the name of their significant other, favourite plants or animals, a nickname, or the name of a pet.

Other common passwords include a series of numbers such as 123456789 or variations of “password.”

These passwords are way too obvious! If you have a password such as one of the above, anyone who knows you well will be able to easily figure it out, especially if you have a password hint. Then, your password is a dead giveaway.

Use a difficult combination of numbers, letters, and symbols to create difficult passwords that people will not be able to crack. A password such as “fvxo6997!?” will be much, much more difficult to figure out than “justinsgirl.”

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