Don’t Share Passwords

Never, ever, ever let anyone — save for possibly your significant other, and even then, many people don’t share their passwords — know what your passwords are. The temptation to access your online accounts and use them for personal gain and benefit may prove to be too much for even the most scrupulous friends.

The fact is that you are responsible for any activity under your accounts. If fraudulent activity occurs, you may be responsible for it until you can prove that someone else accessed your account without your permission.

Sometimes, you may need to give a trusted friend a password so that he or she can access information for you while you are not able. In that event, you need to change your password as soon as that friend no longer needs to access your information. You also need to closely monitor all activity into and out of that account. Politely thank your friend for his or her assistance and then let him or her know that you will be changing the password.

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