Fauxpersky Keylogger

Keylogger Malware Dubbed Fauxpersky Discovered

Target: Computers running Microsoft Windows

Attack Vector: Infected USB drives


Summary: A new keylogger malware imitating the well-known Anti-virus programme Kaspersky has been witnessed infecting victim’s devices worldwide. Spread via infected USB drives, the malware logs keystrokes and uploads them to a malicious Google form. The malware is not very advanced or stealthy, however, it is highly efficient at infecting USB drives and collecting the keylogger data.

Risk assessment summary: This threat is assessed at 3e MODERATE. As it has only been recently discovered, it is unknown how many infections have taken place, hence it is not possible to gauge how widespread the malware is. There has been little attempt to avoid discovery, therefore it can easily be blocked by antivirus software. Although very efficient at exfiltrating data, any infection on a machine would suggest that confidential information such as usernames and passwords had already been obtained.