Don’t Reuse Passwords

Many people don’t even think about using different passwords for different accounts. After all, having multiple passwords makes keeping track of them difficult. Having just one password means that you can log into all of your accounts with ease, without even having to think about what the password is.

However, this could potentially open you up to hackers compromising your accounts.

Having multiple passwords is understandably challenging. You may insist that your password for your email account is asdf1234kjb, but that is actually the password for your Facebook account. The frustration and anxiety created by not being able to keep up with multiple passwords can either make you give up or drive you to the brink of your sanity. However, reusing passwords for multiple accounts makes hacking into your accounts easier. If someone figures out the password into just one of those accounts, that person may have access to your email, Facebook, bank account, Amazon account, the list goes on. By the time the damage is discovered, you could be out hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as well as have embarrassing pictures posted on your social media.

One way to make the challenge of having multiple passwords easier is to keep a document of passwords on your desktop or phone. Beware, though. Make sure that this document is encrypted and password protected.

If anybody was to gain access to it, all of your accounts could be compromised..”

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