Why Should I Care About Cyber Security?

Good cyber security is tedious and expensive. For businesses, though, the alternative is loss of customer good will and potential closing of the business. On the personal side, the inconvenience of identity theft, data loss, and invasion of privacy exact a heavy toll on your finances and your time. The result is an unfair burden on small businesses and individuals. It is important to recognize that this is the way it is, this is the world we live in, and accept a personal, even if limited, role in being a good data steward and protector. This article discusses a select few of the cyber security incidents of the last couple of years in various categories to help you understand the magnitude and variety of what’s out there.

By being aware of the targets, potential attacks, and the defensive tools you have, you can diminish the hacker’s perceived relative gain for the time spent on you. For example, if a hacker determined that the profit was only a few cents per hour for the time spent, the hacker would find something more lucrative to do. In time, if we (the defensive team, the good guys) diligently protect ourselves, the sheer number of hackers and attacks will be reduced. The rest of the battle will become easier to defend against and we might even be able to track down those few remaining bad actors.

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