Vega Stealer Malware

Vega Stealer Malware Harvests Credentials in Firefox and Chrome Browsers

Target: Marketing, public relations and advertising along with the retail and manufacturing industries.
Attack Vector: Phishing, with malicious document attached.
Summary: A new malware variant, dubbed Vega Stealer, is currently being used in a new phishing campaign to harvest saved sensitive data including credit card details, cryptocurrency details and sensitive documents from the widely used Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Although the malware is currently being employed in simplistic and minor phishing campaigns, it has the potential, and is expected to become, a more common threat to businesses in the future. Vega is a variant of August Stealer which also contained stealing functionality, however, Vega offers several significant new features.
Risk assessment summary: This threat has been assessed as 3c moderate. If successful, Vega Stealer has the capability to steal victim’s sensitive and financial information including passwords, credit card details and login details saved in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox internet browsers. Although simplistic methods are currently being used and the delivery of the phishing email itself is not sophisticated, it is predicted that the campaign will develop and grow in order to disseminate more widely, potentially evolving into a more commonly found stealer.

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